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"The Broken Window", 2006
Synthetic Hologram, 140cm X 47cm


This hologram was produced from 1280 computer generated 3D images showing as much points of view. When the observer moves sideways, the scroll unrolls or closes depending on the observer's direction, and leaves floats through the broken glass.

This image is a play of contradictions opposing bi-dimensionality and three-dimensionality, flat and relief, proximity and distant. In its fabrication and its content, this hologram is a spatial ambiguity where the branch link three holographic space zones: in front, behind and onto the surface.


The short Chinese poem was composed by Yunjeung Yang (Korean painter and calligrapher). We could freely translate it by these words:


"The wind cherish,

time is a place."


The branch enters real space
in front of the hologram plane.

The scroll, as it appears from
the left points of view.

Holographic calligraphy
Yunjeung Yang, 2006

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